Welcome to Shell-Tur

We are a small team of passionate animal experts, rescuing and providing sanctuary for large numbers of Turtles and Exotic Animals from around the country.

Founded in 2016 by Ryan and Charlie, we have rescued many exotic animals, and have now decided to take the leap into becoming a registered charity. While we work on that, we want to share our story and our animals with you.

Our Aims


To rescue and, where possible, rehome exotic animals that are in danger of being released into the environment or are already within the environment.


To provide information around caretaking, husbandry, and animal welfare for turtles and reptiles to decrease environmental release and/or poor conditions.

Preserve Life

To preserve lives of endangered species and to collaborate with other organisations in breeding programmes that increase the natural population of declining species.


To work with cultural differences across the world and provide education to further protect endangered species. 


To utilise the sanctuary to help those struggling with mental illness and/or disability to improve their mental health, wellbeing, and quality of life.


To utilise the sanctuary to provide voluntary opportunities, training, and therapeutic programmes to help with the rehabilitation of offenders or prevent offending behaviour. 

Providing Sanctuary

To utilise the sanctuary as a safe haven for those with life-limiting or terminal conditions.

Improve Housing

To provide bigger and better homes for turtles, reptiles, fish, and other exotic animals in both zoos and private homes. To reduce the risk of overcrowding, release into public spaces, and illness created by overcrowding.

Our Team

Ryan Stevens


“Animals have saved me more than I have saved them”

Charlie Courtman


“Animals have been here far longer than the human race, they deserve more love and respect.”

Corryn Hayward

Welfare Manager

“I prefer the company of animals over humans.”

Our Animals

Here are just a few of our sanctuary residents and rescues. Find more in our gallery. More will be added so keep your eyes peeled!

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